Two fantastic weekends!

Last weekend INT Ålesund with our wonderboys Bombo and Troi.

Saturday 04.05 
Skjærgaardens Bumbibears Bombo best male, CACIB BOB. His CACIB did that he got his international championship !!
Skjærgaardens M.Star Troisgros 2. best male and R. Cacib
Bombo was also shortlisted in the group beautiful handled by Tea L Sjølstad 💕
Judge :Terje Lindstrøm.

Ålesund Nordic. 05.05 
Skjærgaardens Bumbibears Bombo best male, Nordic cac and BOB!
Skjærgaardens Mstar Troisgros 2. best male and R.Nordic cert!
Judge : Maria Teresa Mondo Gabrielli.

Thank you Astri for a super trip with the best boys 🙂

This weekend me and the cousins Bombo and Cin Cin travelled to Roskilde, Denmark to attend 2x INT and Nordic show with Birthe and brother Leonard. 

Friday 10.05.19 
Skjærgaardens Bubbles & Troubles second best bitch puppy. 
Skjærgaardens Bumbibears Bombo Best male, Nordic cac, BOB!! 
Skjærgaardens Bumbibars Humbi Excellent, CK!
Judge : Philip Behan

Saturday 11.05.19 
Skjærgaardens Bubbles & Troubles BOB Puppy!
Skjærgaardens Bumbibears Humbi best male, CACIB and BOB!! CongratsBirthe!! 
Skjærgaardens Bumbibears Bombo 2 best male, R.CACIB!
Judge :Birgit Seloy

Sunday 12.05.19
Skjærgaardens Bubbles & Troubles BOB Puppy !
Skjærgaardens Bumbibears Bombo 2 best male and R. cacib 
Skjærgaardens Bumbibears Humbi 3 best male !
Judge : Birgitte Gothen

Fantastic weekend, and thank you everyone for a good time around the ring! Thank you Birthe for the best company, and it makes me so happy and proud that the two brothers Bombo and Leonard can play and have fun!!